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About Us

is a licensed and insured security company in business since 1998. We design and install the latest in integrated electronic systems for both the residential and commercial market. In this document we hope to provide a brief description of the various technologies, which can improve your home in four areas; security, whole house entertainment, energy management, and data transfer.

For Home Owners and Custom Builders we install security, structured wiring, integrated facilities management, touch screen control, home theater, and architectural lighting control. In addition, we offer remote video surveillance so the homeowner can look into his/her home from anywhere in the world via laptop computer.

For the commercial market we offer a number of money saving technologies, which can be selected based on need and integrated into a single, comprehensive system. See the various technologies as applied to the commercial sector on our website by clicking HERE  

For Home Owners and Custom Builders we sell and install:

               Structured Wiring Systems

                 Security / Automation Integration

                 Touch Screen Control

          Whole-House Stereo / Video Distribution

          Remote Video Surveillance

            Architectural Lighting Control

            Architectural Lighting Control

     Central Vacuum



We are a new breed of company that provides lifestyle technologies. Donít even think of building a new home in the 21st Century without giving yourself the opportunity to explore all the available systems, which could change the way you and your family live and interact with your home. Thatís right; think of your home as a large appliance with electronic capabilities just waiting to make your lives more secure, more convenient, and definitely more entertained.

In this day and time, it is possible for you to pick and choose the systems you want and that your overall budget will allow. No longer is it all or nothing And the best part is that by custom designing your home from day one, the cost can be rolled into your mortgage and paid for over time the same as the tile in your bathroom or the Jacuzzi in the gazebo.

 How We Conduct Business

From the beginning, we want you to highlight these points about us:

·        We demonstrate all our technologies at our Show Home.

·        We will meet you at your home, business, or jobsite.

·        Systems can be installed retrofit.

·        We service Residential & Commercial properties.

·        We sell, install, service, and guarantee our systems.

Our  System Design Consultant  can provide you with a  "hands-on" demonstration   at your home or business.

Contact Us:
(808) 722-8677


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